Choose the Perfect Plan for Your Needs

We offer three comprehensive plans tailored to suit your requirements. Whether you’re an individual, a small business, or a growing enterprise, we have the ideal plan to meet your needs. Take a look at our options below and select the plan that best aligns with your goals and budget.

Flexible plans, your choice

While our plans are recurring, they do not automatically renew. You will have the option to renew your plan before it expires to continue enjoying the benefits.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need a key for AN-SOF Trial version?

No. Just run AN-SOF and begin using it. In case you are prompted for a license, open the AN-Key app, press the Trial Key button, then the Activate button and restart AN-SOF.

Is there a time limit for the Trial version?

No. There is only a limit of 50 unknowns (segments + wire connections + ground connections) to run the calculations. All example files included in the installation directory are pre-computed and can be opened with the trial version of AN-SOF to display tables and graphs without limitations. Download examples that have less than 50 unknowns from this link >.

Will AN-SOF stop working when my plan ends?

No, AN-SOF will continue to function even after your plan expires. However, you will lose access to the following features:

  • Download updates: You will no longer be able to download and install the latest versions of AN-SOF, including bug fixes and security updates.
  • Technical support: You will no longer be eligible to receive technical support from our team.
  • Installer access: Installers for discontinued versions of AN-SOF will only be available for download for three years after their discontinuation. After this period, you will need to purchase a new plan to access the installers.
  • Activation key: If you lose the activation key for a discontinued version of AN-SOF, we will not be able to provide you with a new one after three years of discontinuation.

Therefore, while AN-SOF will continue to function, it is recommended to renew your plan to ensure access to all features and ongoing support.

What happens if I don’t renew my plan?

If you don’t renew your plan, you will experience the following:

  • Continued functionality: AN-SOF will continue to function, but it will be limited to the version you have installed.
  • No updates: You will not receive any updates, including bug fixes, security patches, or new features.
  • Limited support: You will not have access to technical support from our team.
  • Version discontinuation: Your currently installed version of AN-SOF will eventually be discontinued. After three years of discontinuation, the installer and activation key for that version will no longer be available.

To continue enjoying the full functionality and support of AN-SOF, it is important to renew your plan before it expires.

What is the difference between the GOLD and PLATINUM plans?

The PLATINUM plan includes live chat support, in addition to ticket and email support, while the GOLD plan only includes ticket and email support.

Do you offer a refund for AN-SOF purchases?

Due to the availability of a fully functional trial version with no time limit, all sales of AN-SOF software licenses are final and non-refundable. This policy helps us ensure that users have a fair opportunity to try out the software before making a purchase. We encourage all users to thoroughly evaluate the trial version before purchasing a license. You can find detailed information about the conditions and process for exceptions to the non-refundable policy on our dedicated Refund Policy page.