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AN-SOF 7 is here!

Run multiple simulations in AN-SOF. Forget about running the simulations one by one, run them all at once. Run bulk simulations and process multiple input files with just one click.

Get the most out of AN-SOF by combining it with Scilab. It is one of the most suitable tools to create scripts that generate multiple antenna descriptions with varying geometric parameters.

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Script for plotting level curves

The Scilab script shown in this video is ready to use in combination with AN-SOF. It allows us to plot level curves or isocontours of a field pattern. The example shows the electric field pattern at the soil level just below an Inverted-V antenna.

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Polar plot exportation to Radio Mobile

Polar radiation patterns can now be exported as *.ant files. The *.ant format can then be imported into the Radio Mobile propagation software. See the format description here >. Versions 1 and 3 have been implemented in AN-SOF. See how to export radiation patterns from AN-SOF to Radio Mobile in this guide >.

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Download Inverted-V antenna project >

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A Major Upgrade for AN-SOF’s Modelling Simulation Software
Keith Rawlings

Equivalent Wire-Grids for the Electromagnetic Modeling of Conducting Surfaces
Tony Golden

AN-SOF Antenna Simulation
Keith Rawlings

Exact field expressions for a concentric circular-loops antenna above a PEC ground plane
Ashraf A. Osman; Sameir M. Ali Hamed

Design of Wire and Planar Antenna using AN-SOF
Unita P; Santosh S; Lokesh Reddy P; Venkatesh M; Jairaj P

Simulation and Analysis of Microstrip Patch Antenna Using AN-SOF Professional
Puthanial M; Shubhashini R; Pavithra K; Priyanka Raghu; Dr. P.C. Kishore Raja

Comparative Performance Analysis of Microstrip Patch Antenna at 2.4 GHz and 18 GHz Using AN-SOF Professional
M. Puthanial, P. C. Kishore Raja

Design Formulas for Broadband Concentric Circular-Loops Antennas
Sameir M. Ali Hamed and Ashraf A. Osman

Design and Implementation of Dual-Stacked Identical Yagi Antenna for UHF Applications
J. Ilouno, M. Awoji, J. E. Onuh