You will be able to...


Build up complex designs quickly
Choose construction materials
Describe the environment and ground conditions
Describe the antenna height above ground
Analize radiation pattern and front-to-back ratio
Plot directivity and gain
Analize input impedance and VSWR
Predict antenna bandwidth 

Get much more parameters and plots!

AN-SOF Antenna Simulator

AN-SOF Professional

Get high-quality simulation results with just a few clicks!

Visualization Tools

AN-XY Chart: 2D plots in Cartesian coordinates.


AN-Smith: Smith chart for plotting impedances and VSWR vs. frequency.


AN-Polar: Polar 2D diagram of azimuth and zenith radiation lobes.


AN-3D Pattern: Colored 3D view of radiation patterns with zoom and rotation.

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A comprehensive software tool for the modeling, analysis and design of antennas

Customer Reviews

"Intuitive and friendly software. I found that the simulations are very close to reality. AN-SOF is an excellent tool for modeling antennas."


Ing. Antonio Manco
RF Manager at Tecnoalarm

"AN-SOF is an easy to use, great value piece of software for designing antennas, especially useful for ham radio amateurs and hobbyists."

Simon Shaw
Homebrew antenna hobbyist

"I use AN-SOF extensively when writing my monthly antenna column. I find the CAD user interface and excellent graphics abilities of AN-SOF essential for quickly modelling designs and presenting data in a format that is easily understood by readers.


Also appreciated is the capability to ‘Run All’ calculations just once and then process through the results without having to re run the model until a modification is made. The multitude of forms that output data can be presented to the user makes AN-SOF my go to software."


Keith Rawlings - Call sign G4MIU
AerialsNow! columnist in RadioUser Magazine