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Explore 5 Antenna Models with Less Than 50 Segments in AN-SOF Trial Version

Discover 5 antenna models with less than 50 segments in AN-SOF Trial Version. These examples showcase the capabilities of our software for antenna modeling and design, allowing you to evaluate its features for your projects.

The trial version of AN-SOF is fully-featured and never expires. It allows users to open all pre-calculated example files to view tables and display various graphs and plots. The only limitation is that it can run calculations with up to 50 “unknowns”. An unknown refers to the electric current value to be determined by the AN-SOF calculation engine in each segment, segment-to-segment connection, and a connection to a ground plane, if any. Therefore, the total number of unknown currents equals the number of segments + number of connections + number of connections to ground. This number must not exceed 50 to run a calculation in AN-SOF Trial version.

The purpose of the trial version is to evaluate the AN-SOF features and capabilities for antenna modeling or design projects. The pre-calculated models can be found in the AN-SOF “Examples” folder typically located in the installation directory, such as C:\AN-SOF X\Examples, where “X” represents the version of the program. Additionally, many model examples with descriptive articles can be found in the Models section of our Knowledge Base. These models are categorized according to the antenna type, ranging from simple wire antennas to antennas in complex environments.

For more complex antennas, the 50 unknowns limit may be quickly exceeded. Modifications to pre-calculated examples with more than 50 segments + connections + ground connections cannot be re-run with the trial version of AN-SOF. However, for simple antenna projects or small antenna sizes in terms of the wavelength, the trial version can be a useful tool for simulations.

Download the following 5 examples with less than 50 segments to make modifications to the antenna structures:

  • 2 Element Quad
  • 2 Element Delta Loop
  • HF Skeleton Slot
  • Inverted V
  • 5 Element Yagi-Uda

To achieve reliable results, at least 10 segments per wavelength of wire should be used in a model. For antennas sensitive to element lengths, like Yagis, about 50 segments per wavelength should provide results comparable to VSWR measurements.

Explore more examples and articles in the Validation section of our Knowledge Base. Additionally, AN-SOF trial version includes embedded tuner and feeder calculators, allowing users to synthesize impedance matching networks, add transformers, and calculate tuner and feed line parameters for measured or given load impedance.

In conclusion, AN-SOF Trial Version offers a comprehensive platform for antenna simulation, enabling users to evaluate its features and capabilities for their projects. With access to pre-calculated examples and embedded tools like tuner and feeder calculators, users can explore antenna designs with ease.

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