• QFH Antenna for NOAA Satellite Reception

    QFH Antenna for NOAA Satellite Reception

    This Quadrifilar Helix (QFH) antenna can be used for signal reception from NOAA satellites. These are omnidirectional antennas made up of 4 wires with a helical shape. This design is about 0.14λ in diameter and the length of each helix is 0.4λ. It resonates at 137.5 MHz and has a bandwidth of 6% (SWR < […]

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  • 145 MHz Moxon Antenna

    145 MHz Moxon Antenna

    This Moxon antenna variant resonates at 145 MHz. Input Impedance: 47 OhmBandwidth: 7% (VSWR < 2)Gain: 6.3 dBiF/B: 19 dBBeamwidth: 130°H / 80°V Download >

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  • Biquad UHF Antenna Array

    Biquad UHF Antenna Array

    This 4-element biquad array resonates at 434 MHz. The wires that connect the driven element to the reflector work as a two-wire transmission line that allows us to obtain an input impedance of 50 + j0 Ohm. It may be noticed that the polar plots are on a log scale. ARRL-style log scaling is coming […]

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  • Broadband Directional Antenna

    Broadband Directional Antenna

    This is a 4 element broadband directional antenna. More than 50 MHz of bandwidth (SWR < 1.5) around 285 MHz. Gain 7 to 8 dBi. Length 0.52 m and maximum width 0.6 m. The driven element is shaped like a double arrow and has a folded parasitic element right in front of it. Download >

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  • AN-SOF 7.8 is ready!

    AN-SOF 7.8 is ready!

    Quickly view input impedance, VSWR, directivity, gain and efficiency in the new Results tab. Click the Export Results button on the toolbar to export this data to a spreadsheet. The wavelength is now displayed in the Frequency panel while entering the operating frequency. Automatically close all charts when exiting AN-SOF or keep them open to […]

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  • New AN-SOF User Guide

    New AN-SOF User Guide

    Explore the new AN-SOF User Guide >, where you will find detailed information about its many features, as well as step-by-step examples and tips to help you quickly move forward with your antenna modeling projects.

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  • 5 Examples with less than 50 Segments

    5 Examples with less than 50 Segments

    From this link > you can download 5 examples of antenna models that have less than 50 segments, so the calculations can be run with the trial version of AN-SOF: 2 Element Quad 2 Element Delta Loop HF Skeleton Slot Inverted V 5 Element Yagi-Uda

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  • An HF Skeleton Slot Antenna

    An HF Skeleton Slot Antenna

    It is an array of two tightly coupled loops with a bi-directional pattern. Both loops are linked to share a single feed point. This antenna can operate in the 14 to 28 MHz bands with the appropriate impedance matching. It is self-resonant when the perimeter of each loop is around one wavelength. In this example, each […]

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  • Equivalent circuit of a balun

    Equivalent circuit of a balun

    A balun can be modeled in AN-SOF using an equivalent generator, as the figure below shows. Since voltage sources admit an internal impedance, we can adjust its resistive part to match the antenna input resistance. Read more >

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  • Multiband J-Pole Antenna

    Multiband J-Pole Antenna

    This design is for 5 bands on a single pole. Each “J” corresponds to a band and therefore the feed point changes depending on the frequency. The resonance frequency is indicated in each case, which can be changed by moving the feed point. The height is about 5 m. Download >

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