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AN-SOF 9: Taking Antenna Design Further with New Feeder and Tuner Calculators

Exciting News: AN-SOF 9 is Here! 🚀

Discover the advanced features of AN-SOF 9, the latest version that takes antenna design to the next level with groundbreaking Feeder and Tuner Calculators.

These powerful tools enable seamless integration of impedance transformers (balun or unun), real-world matched loss curve coaxial cables, and bifilar transmission lines, as well as impedance matching networks (L, Pi, T) with automatically synthesized components.

Additionally, accurately account for tuner output stray capacitance while modeling quality factors in capacitors and inductors, alongside transformer losses.

AN-SOF 9 provides a comprehensive solution for simulating real-case scenarios, ensuring precise representation of all components between the transmitter and the antenna.

Upgrade now and take your antenna design to new heights with AN-SOF 9!

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