Design Guidelines for Skeleton Slot Antennas: A Simulation-Driven Approach
AN-SOF 8.70: Enhancing Your Antenna Design Journey
Accurate Analysis of Solid Wheel Antennas at 2.4 GHz Using Cost-Effective Simulation
Transmission Line Feeding for Antennas: The Four-Square Array
Simplified Modeling for Microstrip Antennas on Ungrounded Dielectric Substrates: Accuracy Meets Simplicity
Fast Modeling of a Monopole Supported by a Broadcast Tower
Linking Log-Periodic Antenna Elements Using Transmission Lines
Introducing AN-SOF 8.50: Enhanced Antenna Design & Simulation Software
Get Ready for the Next Level of Antenna Design: AN-SOF 8.50 is Coming Soon!
AN-SOF Implements James R. Wait Theory for Ground Losses of LF/MF Radio Masts
Overcoming 7 Limitations in Antenna Design: Introducing AN-SOF’s Conformal Method of Moments
Explore the Cutting-Edge World of AN-SOF Antenna Simulation Software!
Linear Antenna Theory: Historical Approximations and Numerical Validation
Assessing Antenna Directionality: Front-to-Rear vs. Front-to-Back Ratio
Wave Matching Coefficient: Defining the Practical Near-Far Field Boundary
AN-SOF 8.20 Passes IEC Validation
AN-SOF Mastery: Adding Elevated Radials Quickly
Upgrade to AN-SOF 8.20 – Unleash Your Potential
Modeling a J-Fed 5-Element Collinear Antenna for the 2 m Band
AN-SOF 8: Elevating Antenna Simulation to the Next Level
Simulating the Ingenious Multiband Omnidirectional Dipole Antenna Design
The Loop on Ground (LoG): A Compact Receiving Antenna with Directional Capabilities
Log-Periodic Christmas Tree
New Release: AN-SOF 7.90
Precision Simulations with AN-SOF for Magnetic Loop Antennas
Efficient NOAA Satellite Signal Reception with the Quadrifilar Helix Antenna
Enhancing VHF Performance: The Dual Reflector Moxon Antenna for 145 MHz
Biquad UHF Antenna Array
Broadband Directional Antenna
AN-SOF 7.80 is ready!
A Closer Look at the HF Skeleton Slot Antenna
The 5-in-1 J-Pole Antenna Solution for Multiband Communications
17 m Band Spider Delta Loop
AN-SOF 7.20 is ready!
Enhancing Satellite Links: The Moxon-Yagi Dual Band VHF/UHF Antenna
New Release :: AN-SOF 7.10 ::
Script for Modeling 2-Element Quad Array
An 80 meters DX Antenna: A Spiral Loop
ISM 433MHz Helical Antenna
Array of Snowflake Quads
AN-SOF 7.0 is Here!
Scilab Script for Plotting Level Curves
New Release :: AN-SOF 6.40 ::
How to Export Data and Plots
New Release :: AN-SOF 6.20 ::
AN-SOF Antenna Simulation Best Practices: Checking and Correcting Model Errors
Adjusting the Color Bar in AN-3D Pattern
Setting the Radiation Pattern Center
How to Merge Projects
On the Modeling of Radio Masts
H-Field Option in Preferences
How to Speed Up Simulations in AN-SOF: Tips for Faster Results