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Adding a Dielectric Substrate

To incorporate a dielectric substrate beneath the xy-plane (Z < 0) into the model, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Setup tab > Environment panel.
  1. In the Ground Plane box, select the Substrate option (see Fig. 1).
  1. Choose between an infinite or finite slab in the Substrate Slab Options box.
  1. Choose a substrate material from the provided list, or select Custom to specify the substrate’s Permittivity. Set the slab’s Thickness (h) and, if you’ve chosen a finite slab, configure its dimensions along the X and Y axes.

Note that the substrate slab is backed by a PEC ground plane, which runs parallel to the xy-plane at Z = -h, and cannot be removed from the simulation.

Fig. 1: Substrate option in the Ground Plane box of the Environment panel.
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