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Modifying a Group of Wires

AN-SOF allows the simultaneous editing of a group of wires. Click on the Selection Box button on the main toolbar. Left-click on the workspace, drag a box with the mouse, and select multiple wires (Fig. 1). All wires within the selection box will be highlighted in light blue.

Go to Edit > Modify in the main menu to modify the selected wires. The Modify command displays the dialog box shown in Fig. 2, with three tabs: Attributes, Materials, and Sources/Loads. Use the checkboxes to choose the parameters you want to modify. Note that sources and loads will not be removed unless specified in the Sources/Loads tab.

Fig. 1: Box to select a group of wires.

In the Attributes tab, the Segments per Wire and Segments per Wavelength options allow for the mass editing of wire segments. These options are mutually exclusive. “Segments per Wire” sets a fixed number of segments for all selected wires, while “Segments per Wavelength” sets the number of segments for each wire based on its length in wavelengths, considering the shortest wavelength corresponding to the highest frequency set.

Fig. 2(a): The Attributes tab in the “Modify Wires” dialog box.
Fig. 2(b): The Materials tab in the “Modify Wires” dialog box.
Fig. 2(c): The Sources / Loads tab in the “Modify Wires” dialog box.
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