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AN-SOF Antenna Simulation Software – Version 8.90 Release Notes

We are excited to announce the release of AN-SOF version 8.90, featuring several enhancements and new features based on valuable feedback from our dedicated users. In this release, we focused on improving usability, expanding functionality, and optimizing simulation capabilities.

New Features:

Segments per Wavelength:

  • Introducing the “Segments per Wavelength” option, allowing for efficient convergence analysis by adjusting the number of wire segments based on their lengths measured in wavelengths. Use the “Selection Box” tool to enclose the wires you wish to modify and navigate to Edit > Modify for easy implementation.

Enhanced Scale Wires Command:

  • The “Scale Wires” command now offers two options – “Single Factor” and “Advanced.” “Single Factor” enables uniform scaling along the X, Y, and Z axes, while “Advanced” allows users to apply different scaling factors, facilitating deformation by stretching or compressing wires in various directions.

TL Command Import and Export:

  • Added import and export functionality for the “TL” command in NEC files, enabling the transmission line descriptions to be seamlessly integrated into the simulation. Transmission lines can also be imported in “Bulk Simulation,” and exported to Scilab files for script-based parameter variation.

Transmission Line Manipulation:

  • Commands for moving, rotating, and scaling now extend to transmission lines, preserving wire-transmission line connections during transformations. This streamlines the editing process for enhanced user convenience.

Fixed Load Impedance (R+jX):

  • A new load type, “Fixed Load Impedance,” has been introduced, where the reactance (X) does not scale with frequency. This feature is useful for quick antenna tuning by adding an opposite reactance to the antenna input reactance. Fixed internal impedance (R+jX) can also be set for voltage and current sources.

Import and Export of “LD 4” Command:

  • The “LD 4” (fixed load impedance) NEC command can now be imported and exported, complementing the existing support for “LD 0” (RLC impedance) and “LD 5” (wire conductivity) commands.

Improved Tabular Input for Linear Wires:

  • Enhancements in tabular input for linear wires now include the ability to set resistivity and wire coating parameters. The selected wire is highlighted in red within the AN-SOF workspace, offering a visual aid for identifying wires, particularly beneficial for users accustomed to tabular input.

Performance Enhancements:

  • The algorithms for obtaining current distribution have been optimized for faster results while maintaining the high accuracy that AN-SOF is known for.

We hope these new features and improvements enhance your simulation experience with AN-SOF. Your feedback is invaluable, and we look forward to continuing to meet your needs in future updates.

Thank you for choosing AN-SOF Antenna Simulation Software!

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