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Wire Materials

The Materials page belongs to the Draw dialog box of the chosen wire type, Fig. 1.

Fig. 1: Materials page in the Draw dialog box for the Line.

In the Materials page the following attributes can be specified:

Wire Resistivity

A resistivity in [Ohm meter] can be specified for the wire. The following list of most common metals is available for choosing:

Material (Metals)Resistivity [Ω m]
Aluminum (Pure)2.65E-8
Aluminum (6061-T6)4.01E-8
Aluminum (6063-T832)3.25E-8
Carbon Steel1.67E-7
German Silver3.33E-7
Phosphor Bronze1.10E-7
Stainless Steel9.09E-7
Stainless Steel 3027.19E-7

The corresponding resistivity value will be automatically displayed for the chosen metal. Choose the Custom option to set a resistivity value if it is not in the list. Choose Perfect (PEC) to set a perfect electrically conducting metal.

The resistivity is used for computing a distributed impedance per unit length along the wire, which considers the skin effect. The equivalent radius for wires of non-circular cross section will be used to compute the impedance per unit length along the wires.

The resistivity of wires is considered in the simulation if the option Wire Resistivity is checked in the Settings panel of the Setup tabsheet.

Wire Coating

Wires can have insulation or coating material. The cross section of a coated wire is circular, so the equivalent radius will be used for wires having a non-circular cross section.  In this case, the material the coating is made of can be set by the following parameters:

  • Relative Permittivity: It is the dielectric constant of the coating material relative to the permittivity of vacuum.
  • Relative Permeability: It is the magnetic permeability of the coating material relative to the permeability of vacuum.
  • Thickness: It is the thickness of the coating shield. It can be set to zero when no coating is used.

The wire coating is considered in the simulation if the option Wire Coating is checked in the Settings panel of the Setup tabsheet.

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