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Category - Modeling Guidelines

Discover tips and best practices for antenna modeling and design using AN-SOF in these informative articles.


Complete Workflow: Modeling, Feeding, and Tuning a 20m Band Dipole Antenna
Here is a comprehensive guide to modeling, feeding, and tuning half-wave dipoles, offering principles and techniques that can be applied to any antenna system.
DIY Helix High Gain Directional Antenna: From Simulation to 3D Printing
We are happy to share an interesting project by one of our AN-SOF users: @PoweredMeshtasticEurope. He demonstrates how to build your own helix high gain directional antenna for the Meshtastic frequency range, from theory to reality.
Evaluating EMF Compliance - Part 1: A Guide to Far-Field RF Exposure Assessments
In today's wireless world, ensuring Electromagnetic Field (EMF) compliance is crucial for protecting individuals from potential harmful effects of RF exposure. Join us as we explore the influence of antenna configurations, ground planes, and feed lines on far-field EIRP values, ensuring you possess the tools to navigate the complexities of EMF compliance effectively.
Design Guidelines for Skeleton Slot Antennas: A Simulation-Driven Approach
Dive into the intricacies of Skeleton Slot antennas. Explore optimal designs, balancing geometry parameters, and leveraging simulation tools. Ideal for both engineers and enthusiasts!
Simplified Modeling for Microstrip Antennas on Ungrounded Dielectric Substrates: Accuracy Meets Simplicity
Discover a simple yet precise method for modeling microstrip antennas on ungrounded dielectric substrates.
Fast Modeling of a Monopole Supported by a Broadcast Tower
Elevate your antenna design game with our latest video tutorial on monopole modeling using AN-SOF.
Linking Log-Periodic Antenna Elements Using Transmission Lines
Dive into the world of advanced antenna design with our latest tutorial! Discover the art of connecting Log-Periodic Antenna Elements using Transmission Lines in the AN-SOF Antenna Simulator.
Wave Matching Coefficient: Defining the Practical Near-Far Field Boundary
We explore the concepts of absolute wave impedance and wave matching coefficient (WMC) as practical alternatives to determine a useful boundary between the near and far field regions of an antenna.
AN-SOF Mastery: Adding Elevated Radials Quickly
Rev up your AN-SOF skills with this video tutorial featuring two fast methods for adding elevated radials.
Enhancing Antenna Design: Project Merging in AN-SOF
Discover how AN-SOF's project merging feature enhances antenna design flexibility, unlocking new possibilities.
On the Modeling of Radio Masts
Radiating towers or radio masts can be modeled in AN-SOF with a high degree of detail, as shown in the figure below. Since we already know the omnidirectional shape of the radiation pattern, what interests us is to calculate electric field values at ground level for a given input power.
The Equivalent Circuit of a Balun
A balun can be implicitly modeled in AN-SOF using an equivalent generator, as the figure below shows. Since voltage sources admit an internal impedance, we can adjust its resistance value to match the antenna input resistance.
AN-SOF Antenna Simulation Best Practices: Checking and Correcting Model Errors
Refine AN-SOF antenna simulations. Identify and resolve errors with precision, ensuring model integrity.
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