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DIY Helix High Gain Directional Antenna: From Simulation to 3D Printing

Axial Mode Helix Antenna for Meshtastic: Do It Yourself!

We are happy to share an interesting project by one of our AN-SOF Antenna Simulator users: @PoweredMeshtasticEurope. In a two-part YouTube series, he demonstrates how to build your own helix high gain directional antenna for the Meshtastic frequency range, from theory to reality.

📹 Part 1 delves into the helix dimensioning theory and formulas, laying the groundwork for a solid understanding of the design process:

Part 1 delves into the helix dimensioning and formulas. Author: @PoweredMeshtasticEurope

📹 Part 2 showcases the simulation process in AN-SOF, alongside OpenSCAD, to bring the antenna design to life through 3D printing 🖨️⚙️:

Part 2 showcases the power of our AN-SOF Antenna Simulation Software, alongside OpenSCAD. Author: @PoweredMeshtasticEurope
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