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MI2 Fractal Loop

This MI2 Fractal Loop antenna was designed by Dr. Nathan Cohen. Results were reported in Cohen, N. L., and Hohlfeld, R. G., “Fractal Loops and the Small Loop Approximation”, Communications Quarterly, 6, 77-81, (1996). According to this report, the MI2 Fractal Loop has an input resistance of 26 Ohm and a gain of 2 dBi at the first resonance. This design features a useful resonant resistance in a reduced physical

AN-SOF results show that the first resonance occurs between 15.33 and 15.34 MHz with an input resistance of 28 Ohm. The antenna gain is 1.90 dBi. The 2:1/50 Ohm VSWR bandwidth is 1.04%.

This model has a size of 2.8 x 2.662 meters and a total wire length of 27.564 m.

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