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Modifying a Grid/Surface

A grid or surface can be modified using the procedure described in Modifying a Group of Wires. To select multiple wires, wire grids, or solid surfaces, click on the Selection Box button on the main toolbar. Left-click on the workspace, drag the mouse to create a selection box, and all wires within it will be highlighted in light blue, as shown in Fig. 1.

To apply modifications to the selected wires, go to Edit > Modify (you can also use the shortcut Ctrl + M), or use the Modify button on the toolbar. This command becomes active when you have a group of wires, a wire grid, or a solid surface selected. For details on the dialog window that allows you to modify selected wires, please refer to Modifying a Group of Wires.

If you need to perform actions such as moving, rotating, scaling, copying, or stacking wire grids and solid surfaces, please consult Moving, Rotating and Scaling Wires and Copying and Stacking Wires for more information.

Fig. 1: A wire grid selected by the Selection Box.
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