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Modifying a Wire Grid

A wire grid can be modified by the procedure described in Modifying a Group of Wires >.

Click on the Selection Box button on the main toolbar. By left clicking on the workspace and dragging a box with the mouse, a wire grid can be selected, Fig. 1. All wires inside the selection box will be highlighted in light blue.

Go to Edit > Modify (Ctrl + M) in the main menu to modify the selected wires. There is also a button on the toolbar with the Modify command. This command is enabled when a wire grid is selected. Refer to Modifying a Group of Wires > to see the description of the dialog window that allows us to modify the selected wires.

Refer to Moving, Rotating and Scaling wires > and Copying and Stacking wires > to move, rotate, resize, copy, or stack wire grids.

Fig. 1: A wire grid selected by the Selection Box.
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