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Calculating the Near H-Field

Once the current distribution on the structure has been obtained, the near magnetic field at those points in space set in the Near-Field panel > of the Setup tabsheet can be computed.

Go to Run > Run Near H-Field in the main menu to run the calculation of the near magnetic field, Fig. 1. This command is only enabled when the current distribution has already been calculated.

Fig. 1: The Run Near H-Field command in the main menu.


  • To run the calculation of the current distribution and the near fields sequentially and automatically, click on the Run Currents and Near-Field (F12) button on the toolbar. This command also runs the calculation of the near electric field.
  • Go to Tools > Preferences > Options > in the main menu and check the “Run ALL” also calculates the H-Field option to enable the calculation of the H-field.
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