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The Results Tab

In the AN-SOF main window, you will find a Results tab (see Fig. 1) that displays a table with the primary results for a transmitting antenna, including Input Impedance (Rin + j Xin), VSWR, S11, Directivity, Gain, Efficiency, and the Horizontal (H) and Vertical (V) Front-to-Rear (F/R) and Front-to-Back (F/B) Ratios.

This table is automatically populated only when the structure has been excited by a discrete source and will not be filled when the excitation is an incident wave. The tabulated results persist until a new calculation is performed, allowing you to reference them at any time, even when making changes to the project. To export these results to a CSV file, simply click the Export Results button on the toolbar.

The column headings, from Rin through F/B V, are buttons that you can click to display plots.

Fig. 1: “Results” tab in the main window. The “Export Results” button in the toolbar is highlighted.
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