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Copying and Stacking Wires

When drawing a wire structure, it is often necessary to copy wires from one position to another. An antenna array is an example where this situation occurs. To copy wires, we must first select them by first pressing the Selection Box button on the toolbar and then expanding a box using the mouse to enclose the wires we wish to copy, as it is explained in Moving, Rotating and Scaling Wires >.

In the Edit menu there are the following commands to copy the selected wires:

Copy Wires

Displays the Copy Wires dialog box for copying the selected wire or group of wires. The copied wires can then be pasted in a different position, Fig. 1.

Fig. 1: Copy Wires dialog box. Enter the offset of the copy relative to the original wires.
Stack Wires

Displays the Stack Wires dialog box for stacking the selected wire or group of wires along the specified direction and according to the given number of wires in the stack, Fig. 2.

Fig. 2: Stack Wires dialog box. Enter the axis, position, spacing and number of wires.
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