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The 3D-View Interface

The 3D-View interface allows us entering the parameters of the incident field in a graphical way. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Setup tabsheet and select the Incident Field option in the Excitation panel >.
  2. Click on the 3D View button to open the interface and display the Incident Wave dialog box, Fig. 1.
  3. Set the Gamma, Theta and Phi angles and press ENTER. You can also use the small arrows to change these angles.
  4. Close the Incident Wave dialog box. The angles that have been entered in the dialog box will appear in the Excitation panel, Fig. 2.
Fig. 1: 3D-View interface for the definition of the incident field. The Incident Wave dialog box is also shown. Gamma, Theta, and Phi are set to –45, 45 and –100 deg., respectively.
Fig. 2: The Gamma, Theta and Phi angles entered in the Incident Wave dialog box will appear in the Excitation panel of the Setup tabsheet.
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