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Plotting the Near Field Spectrum

Near-field frequency spectra are obtained when a simulation is performed by specifying a list of frequencies or a frequency sweep. For each frequency, the near-field is calculated at those points specified in the Near-Field panel > of the Setup tabsheet. So, a fixed point in space must be selected to plot the near field versus frequency.

Go to Results > Plot Near E-Field Spectrum or Results > Plot Near H-Field Spectrum in the main menu to plot the near E- or H-field spectrum. These commands display the Select Near-Field Point dialog box, where a fixed observation point can be selected, Figs. 1. The AN-XY Chart > application will show the frequency spectrum of the total near electric or magnetic field, Fig. 2. The field components can be plotted in amplitude, phase, real and imaginary parts by choosing these options under Plot in the  AN-XY Chart main menu.

Fig. 1: Select Near-Field Point dialog box for selecting a fixed observation point.
Fig. 2: Near E-field spectrum plotted by AN-XY Chart.
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