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Wire Attributes

The Attributes page is part of the Draw dialog box for the selected wire type (see Fig. 1). On the Attributes page, you can specify the following attributes:

Number of Segments

Every wire must be divided into a certain number of segments. During the simulation process, AN-SOF needs to determine the unknown current on each segment. When you access the Attributes page, a default Number of Segments is displayed. This default number is calculated based on the wire’s length and the shortest wavelength, but you can modify it as needed.


If you set the Number of Segments to zero, AN-SOF will automatically compute the minimum recommended number of segments for the wire. This calculation assumes 10 segments per wavelength, considering the shortest wavelength in a frequency sweep.


The Cross-Section of the wire can be chosen from a combo-box. There are six cross-section types available: Circular, Square, Flat, Elliptical, Rectangular, and Triangular. AN-SOF computes an equivalent radius for the five last cases. Infinitesimally thin wires are not allowed, so the cross-section radius must be greater than zero.

The Draw dialog box for any wire type has its own Attributes page with the same features as those described here.

Fig. 1: Attributes page in the Draw dialog box for the Line.
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