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Shortcut Keys

Pressing ALT with the underlined letter of a menu item will execute the command associated with the item.

The following keys and associated actions are available:

HomeReturn the structure to the initial view
ESCUnselect a wire
F1Rotate view around +X axis
F2Rotate view around -X axis
F3Rotate view around +Y axis
F4Rotate view around -Y axis
F5Rotate view around +Z axis
F6Rotate view around -Z axis
F7Show Main/Small axes
F8Select a wire in order of creation
F9Select a wire in reverse order of creation
F10Run ALL
F11Run currents and far-field
F12Run currents and near-field
Ctrl + ADisplay the Axes dialog box
Ctrl + IZoom in
Ctrl + KZoom out
Ctrl + MModify the selected wire
Ctrl + NCreate a new project
Ctrl + OOpen a project file
Ctrl + PPrint the workspace
Ctrl + QExit AN-SOF
Ctrl + RRun Currents
Ctrl + SSave the project
Ctrl + TTabular input of linear wires
Ctrl + WShow properties of the selected wire
Ctrl + DelDelete the selected wire or group of wires
Ctrl + InsDisplay the Source/Load toolbar
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