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Introducing AN-SOF 8.50: Enhanced Antenna Design & Simulation Software

We’re thrilled to introduce AN-SOF version 8.50, a comprehensive update that takes your antenna design and simulation experience to new heights. Let’s explore the remarkable new features:

Transmission Line Models: With over 160 models accurately fitted to real cable datasheets, AN-SOF empowers you to effortlessly model phased arrays and feeding systems with multiple transmission lines. Experience enhanced accuracy while accounting for RF interference caused by coaxial cable shields using our hybrid model.

✅ Enhanced Zoom Functionality: Editing intricate details has never been easier. AN-SOF 8.50 introduces a convenient zoom-in option with the click of a button. Simply access the expansion box through the toolbar’s magnifying glass icon and fine-tune small wires within large structures effortlessly.

Extended Power Budget: Gain valuable insights with the integration of Front-to-Rear (F/R) and Front-To-Back (F/B) ratios into the Power Budget table. Explore F/R and F/B plots as a function of frequency with a simple click on the table headers in the Results tab. You’ll also find this essential data included in the CSV output file during bulk simulations.

Expanded Compatibility: AN-SOF now supports current sources defined via the EX 6 command of NEC-4.2 when importing NEC files. Seamlessly import your preferred NEC files and take full advantage of AN-SOF’s capabilities.

Insulation Integration: Importing NEC files becomes even more versatile with support for wire insulation defined via the IS command. Add insulation to individual wires or the entire setup effortlessly, providing you with greater customization options.

Improved Far-Field Calculation: AN-SOF 8.50 offers enhanced far-field computation, ensuring accurate Directivity and Efficiency calculations for all scenarios. Whether you’ve set a real ground plane or an infinite substrate slab combined with the Vertical, Horizontal, or Custom options in the Far-Field panel setup, rest assured of precise results.

Accelerate your antenna design and simulation prowess with AN-SOF 8.50. Upgrade today and unlock boundless potential for your projects. Don’t miss out – download now!

AN-SOF 8.50 screenshot showcasing log-periodic antenna with transmission lines and radiation pattern.
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