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The Line refers to a linear or straight wire.

Go to Draw > Line in the main menu to display the Draw dialog box for the Line. This dialog box has three pages: Line, Attributes, and Materials, Fig. 1.

The Line page

In the Line page the geometrical parameters for the Line can be set. There are two options: 2 Points and Start – Direction – Length.

The 2 Points option allows us entering the Line by giving two points: “From Point” and “To Point”, as shown in Figs. 1 and 2.

If Start – Direction – Length is chosen, the line will be drawn starting from Start Point, in the direction given by the Theta and Phi angles in spherical coordinates and ending at a point defined by the wire Length measured along that direction, Figs. 3 and 4.

Once the geometrical parameters in the Line page have been set, the Attributes > page can be selected, where the number of segments and cross-section can be set. The wire resistivity and coating can be set in the Materials > page.

Fig. 1: “2 Points” option in the Line page of the Draw dialog box.
Fig. 2: A Line drawn using the “2 Points” option.
Fig. 3: “Start – Direction – Length” option in the Line page of the Draw dialog box.
Fig. 4: A Line drawn using the “Start – Direction – Length” option.
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