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AN-SOF Mastery: Adding Elevated Radials Quickly

Rev up your AN-SOF skills with this video tutorial featuring two fast methods for adding elevated radials.


Struggling to efficiently incorporate elevated radial wires into your AN-SOF Antenna Simulator models? Boost your AN-SOF expertise with this video tutorial! We’ll explore two effective methods for swiftly integrating radial wires into your monopole antenna designs.

Method 1: Precise Control for Few Wires

This method excels when dealing with a limited number of radial wires. It involves meticulously specifying each wire’s parameters using the Start – Direction – Length option. This technique allows for step-by-step drawing of radial wires, enabling quick adjustments by modifying their horizontal orientation angles.

Method 2: Efficiency for Many Wires

For projects requiring a significant number of radial wires, the second method offers superior efficiency. This approach involves creating a disc with a pre-defined number of radial wires and subsequently removing its outline.

Deep Dive with the Video Tutorial

Uncover the intricacies of applying these techniques for rapid incorporation of elevated radial wires into your monopole or broadcast tower antenna models within the accompanying video tutorial:

Modeling Buried Radial Wires

It’s important to note that this tutorial focuses on elevated radial wires. If your antenna design incorporates buried radials (i.e., embedded in the ground plane), AN-SOF offers a dedicated option for modeling this scenario.

Here’s how to set up a “radial wire ground screen” as your ground plane:

  1. Navigate to the Setup tab.
  2. Within the Environment panel, locate the Ground Plane section.
  3. Select Real from the ground plane options.
  4. Under Real Ground Options, choose Radial wire ground screen.
  5. This menu allows you to define the soil properties (conductivity and dielectric constant), as well as the number of buried radials, their length, and the radius of their cross-section.

By following these steps, you can accurately model the effects of buried radial wires on your antenna performance within AN-SOF.

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