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AN-SOF Mastery: Adding Elevated Radials Quickly

Are you seeking to expedite the process of incorporating elevated radial wires into your antenna model created using the AN-SOF Antenna Simulator? Elevate your proficiency in AN-SOF with this instructional video tutorial, spotlighting two efficient methods for swiftly integrating radial wires in a monopole antenna model.

The first method is exceptionally suitable when dealing with a limited number of radial wires. It entails the precise specification of each wire’s parameters using the Start – Direction – Length option. This technique facilitates the step-by-step drawing of radial wires, allowing for rapid adjustments by altering orientation angles in the horizontal plane.

For projects demanding the inclusion of a substantial number of radial wires, the second method shines as the most efficient choice. This approach entails the creation of a disc with a predetermined quantity of radial wires and subsequently eliminating its outline.

Uncover the intricacies of applying these techniques to rapidly incorporate elevated radial wires into your monopole or broadcast tower antenna models within the accompanying video tutorial:

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