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Wire Grid Attributes

The Attributes page belongs to the Draw dialog box of the chosen wire grid type. As an example, Fig. 1 shows the Attributes page for the Plate, but all wire grids have the same Attributes page.

Fig. 1: Attributes page in the Draw dialog box for the Plate.

In this page the following parameters can be set:

Number of Facets

Every wire grid has a certain number of facets. For instance, the plate here > has 10×10 facets and the disc here > has 6×12 facets. Each facet is a quadrilateral made up of four wires, and each wire is divided into segments. An unknown current on each wire segment must be found in the simulation process. Any curved or straight wire that makes up a grid can be edited individually. Refer to Modifying Wires > to edit wires.

Segments per Wire

It sets the number of segments for each wire in the grid. If the Segments per Wire is set to zero, each wire will be divided into segments according to the shortest wavelength or highest frequency.


The cross-section of the wires in a grid is circular. Infinitesimally thin wires are not allowed, so the cross-section radius “a” must be greater than zero.

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