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AN-SOF 7.0 is Here!

  • Run bulk simulations and process multiple input files with just one click. We have chosen the NEC format for the input files as it is a standard adopted by many users. Forget about running the simulations one by one, run them all at once.
  • Import a single input file as a bulk simulation and get all the output data in one step. All computed parameters are saved as CSV files (power budget, gain, input impedance, VSWR, far and near fields, etc.).
  • Export AN-SOF designs to Scilab format (*.sce files) and easily develop scripts that generate multiple descriptions with variable geometric parameters.

And last but not least, in this link > you will find the model of a Yagi-Uda antenna with variable element spacing. Follow the instructions therein and run the scripts to get the gain of a 3-element Yagi antenna as a function of the element spacing.


New release of Antenna Simulation Software: AN-SOF 7.0
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