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AN-SOF 8: Elevating Antenna Simulation to the Next Level

✅ New Plots tab where we can quickly see the input impedance, VSWR, gain, Front-to-Rear, and Front-to-Back ratios as a function of frequency, with various visualization controls (grids, points, markers, etc.).

✅ The different parts of tapered wires are identified with alternating colors to better distinguish the wires of which they are composed.

✅ Click on a column header in the Results tab to display a plot immediately.

✅ New 3D Rotation button on the toolbar to easily rotate the view by moving the mouse.

Combo-boxes now have “memory”. Select the frequency or angles to display polar diagrams and the next time you do so the same values will be pre-loaded.

✅ Users who use the comma as the decimal symbol can now import NEC files that use the period as the decimal separator. Go to Tools > Preferences > Options and check the option “The comma is set as the decimal symbol”.

New Preferences window in AN-Smith to change the display of graphics in the Smith chart (line width, fonts, background, points).

💡 TIP 1: Double-click on the AN-SOF or AN-3D Pattern workspace to center the view in the window.

💡 TIP 2: Check “Show Points” in the Preferences window of AN-Polar to see the points on the radiation pattern lobes.

💡 TIP 3: Check “Equal Scales in 2 Plots” in the Preferences window of AN-XY Chart to display the left and right axes with the same scale.

Enjoy it!

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