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The Quadratic refers to a quadratic wire or parabola.

Go to Draw > Quadratic in the main menu to display the Draw dialog box for the Quadratic. This dialog box has three pages: Quadratic, Attributes, and Materials.

The Quadratic page

In the Quadratic page the geometrical parameters for the Quadratic can be set, Fig. 1.

The Quadratic is entered by giving three points. A quadratic curve starting from Start Point, passing through Second Point and ending at End Point will be drawn on the workspace, as shown in Figs. 2.

Once the geometrical parameters in the Quadratic page have been set, the Attributes > page can be selected, where the number of segments and cross-section can be set. The wire resistivity and coating can be set in the Materials > page.

Fig. 1: Quadratic page of the Draw dialog box.
Fig. 2: A Quadratic drawn using the points shown in Fig. 1.
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