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Listing the Input Impedances, VSWR, and S11

The following procedure allows us to select a segment that has a source to tabulate input impedance versus frequency:

  1. Right click on a wire that has a source to display the pop-up menu.
  1. Click on the List Currents command to display the List Currents toolbar.
  1. Move the slider and select the segment where the source is placed.
  1. Click on the Input List button to display the Input List dialog box, Fig. 13.6, where the list of input impedances, admittances, currents, voltages, powers, reflection coefficient, VSWR, S11 in decibels, return and transmission losses is shown. Select an item from the list in the upper right corner of the window and then press the Plot button to plot the selected item versus frequency. Click the Smith button to plot the input impedance in a Smith chart.


  • The reference impedance for reflection calculations (VSWR, S11, and Return Loss) can be set in the Settings panel of the Setup tabsheet.
  • When there is a single source on the structure, you can quickly access the input impedance by going to the main menu > Results > List Input Impedances or by clicking on the ‘List Input Impedances’ button on the toolbar.
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