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Get Ready for the Next Level of Antenna Design: AN-SOF 8.50 is Coming Soon!

Introducing AN-SOF 8.50: an exciting update that takes antenna design and simulation to new heights.

Key features of AN-SOF 8.50 include:

Effortless Modeling: With over 160 Transmission Line Models, AN-SOF enables easy modeling of phased arrays and feeding systems while accounting for RF interference generated by coaxial cable shields.

Enhanced Zoom Functionality: Experience seamless editing of small wires with improved zoom functionality, allowing for precise adjustments.

Valuable Insights: Gain valuable insights into your designs with integrated Front-to-Rear and Front-To-Back ratios as a function of frequency in the Power Budget table. This comprehensive analysis empowers you to optimize your antenna’s performance.

Expanded Compatibility: AN-SOF now supports current sources and insulation integration when importing NEC files, providing enhanced compatibility for your projects.

Improved Far-Field Computation: Enjoy precise results with AN-SOF’s advanced far-field computation, ensuring accurate Directivity and Efficiency calculations across various scenarios. Even with real ground planes or infinite substrate slabs, AN-SOF delivers reliable and accurate results.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert in antenna design and simulation, AN-SOF is the ideal software for you.

If you’re new to antenna simulation, AN-SOF offers a user-friendly interface combined with unparalleled accuracy, allowing you to quickly enter the world of antenna simulation. We recommend starting with our Quick Start Guide, which provides a step-by-step overview of antenna simulation using the Method of Moments.

For experienced users, our comprehensive Knowledge Base provides in-depth descriptions of AN-SOF’s features and functions. Explore numerous examples and articles that validate AN-SOF’s results through comparisons with theoretical and experimental data. Additionally, our blog Antennas and Beyond! offers advanced articles for readers with a more in-depth background.

If you’re interested in antenna theory and numerical methods applied to Computational Electromagnetics, our blog categories Antenna Theory and Numerical Methods will provide valuable insights.

Furthermore, AN-SOF allows you to program scripts in the language of your choice to generate a sequence of files containing descriptions of an antenna model with variable geometric parameters. You can then run a massive calculation of all these files using the Run Bulk Simulation command. Explore examples of scripts in the language of Scilab, the open-source counterpart of the renowned Matlab, at this link.

Join our vibrant community of antenna modellers and immerse yourself in the exciting world of antenna design and simulation. Count on us to provide comprehensive support for all your projects.

Elevate your antenna design with AN-SOF 8.50.

Stay tuned for the release!

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