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Plotting the Current Distribution

Go to Results > Plot Current Distribution in the main menu to display a 3D graph of the current distribution on the structure. This command executes the AN-3D Pattern > application where the amplitude of the currents is displayed on the structure using a color scale. Additionally, the currents in phase, real, and imaginary parts can be plotted selecting these options in the Plot menu of AN-3D Pattern, Fig. 1.

Fig. 1: Current distribution in amplitude plotted by AN-3D Pattern.

A 2D plot of the current distribution along a selected wire can be shown by right clicking on the wire and choosing Plot Currents from the pop-up menu, Fig. 2. The Plot Currents command executes the AN-XY Chart > application, where the current is plotted in amplitude vs. position along the selected wire. The current distribution can also be plotted in phase, real and imaginary parts by choosing these commands under View in the AN-XY Chart main menu.

Fig. 2: The Plot Currents command in the pop-up menu and the current distribution in amplitude plotted by AN-XY Chart.

A wire can also be selected by first clicking on the Select Wire button (arrow icon) on the toolbar and then left clicking on the wire. Once the wire is selected, go to Results > Plot Currents in the main menu to plot the current along that wire. This command is enabled when the current distribution has been calculated.


  • The graph plotted by AN-XY Chart can be zoomed by expanding a box with the left mouse button pressed on the plot.
  • Right click on the graph and drag the mouse to move it.
  • Left click and expand a rectangle up to return to the original view.
  • There are options to change the units of the plotted magnitudes and to export data in the AN-XY Chart main menu.
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