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Editing Transmission Lines

The Transmission Lines table has a pop-up menu with keyboard shortcuts, Fig. 1. To access this menu for editing cells and rows, right-click on the table. The available commands are:

Fig. 1: Pop-up menu in the Transmission Lines table.
  1. Standard Cut (Ctrl + X), Copy (Ctrl + C), and Paste (Ctrl + V) options are available for cells. A single cell can be selected by left clicking on it or by using the TAB and arrow keys on the keyboard.
  1. To select a row, click on the row number in the left column (the “No.” column). Use the mouse or the up and down arrow keys on the keyboard to select a single row. Double-click on a single cell to exit row selection mode.
  1. Cut (Ctrl + X), Copy (Ctrl + C), and Paste (Ctrl + V) options also apply to a selected row. In addition, Insert (Ins key) and Delete (Del key) options can be used to add or remove rows.
  1. The Clear Contents (Ctrl + Del) command clears the content of a selected cell or row.
  1. The Move Rows (Ctrl + M) command allows you to enter a mode where rows can be moved up or down to order them as desired. To exit this mode, click Move Rows (Ctrl + M) again.
  1. The Update Ports (Ctrl + U) command checks and updates the status of the transmission line ports. Use this command to verify that the lines have their ports connected to wire segments when you have made any modifications to the segmentation or geometry of the wires where there are transmission line ports.
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