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Explore a variety of antenna designs and examples created using AN-SOF in these articles.

Dive into detailed, step-by-step examples that guide users through various AN-SOF functionalities and workflows.
Download Examples
In the directory where AN-SOF was installed there is a folder called “Examples” which contains many examples of antennas and wire structures. The default directory is C:\AN-SOF X\Examples where X is the AN-SOF version. You can also download the examples from here >. We constantly upload files with examples on our website. You will find […]
Cylindrical Antenna
A center-fed cylindrical antenna is the simplest example that we can simulate. It consists of a straight wire with a source at its center and becomes a half-wave dipole when the frequency is such that the length of the antenna is half the wavelength.
Yagi-Uda Array
After learning how to simulate a Cylindrical Antenna >, we are ready to build a dipole array. A 3-element Yagi-Uda antenna, consisting of a reflector, a driven element, and a director, is shown in Fig. 1, where the coordinates of the wire ends are indicated in meters. Step 1 | Setup Go to the Setup […]
Monopole Over Real Ground
A monopole is a vertical element connected to a ground plane and with the feed point at its base. In this example we will simulate a radio mast on an imperfect ground, which is used for broadcasting in the LF and MF bands.
Helix Antenna in Axial Mode
The helix is a good example where we need curved segments to describe the geometry of the antenna. When the length of the helix is of the order of or greater than the wavelength, it can work in the so-called "axial mode".
Modeling a Circular Loop Antenna in AN-SOF: A Step-by-Step Guide
This step-by-step guide empowers you to simulate circular loop antennas in AN-SOF. We'll configure the software, define loop geometry, and explore how its size relative to wavelength affects radiation patterns and input resistance. Gain valuable insights into this fundamental antenna type!
A Transmission Line
Two-wire transmission lines can be modeled explicitly in AN-SOF. In this example, the line will have a single wire but there will be a ground plane below it, so we have the mirror image of the wire as the return of the line.
An RLC Circuit
The ability of AN-SOF to simulate at extremely low frequencies can be demonstrated with a model of an RLC circuit that will resonate at only 800 Hz, so the wavelength is 375 km!
Explore 5 Antenna Models with Less Than 50 Segments in AN-SOF Trial Version
Discover 5 antenna models with less than 50 segments in AN-SOF Trial Version. These examples showcase the capabilities of our software for antenna modeling and design, allowing you to evaluate its features for your projects.
Discover various wire antenna designs, including dipoles, monopoles, loops, and short antennas.
Modeling a Super J-Pole: A Look Inside a 5-Element Collinear Antenna
Simulating a Super J-Pole: A 2m Antenna Analysis. This article describes a 5-element collinear antenna design for the 2m band, its radiation pattern, VSWR, and key components for optimal performance.
Simulating the Ingenious Multiband Omnidirectional Dipole Antenna Design
Delve into the virtual realm of an ingenious multiband omnidirectional dipole antenna. Explore its design intricacies through simulation.
The Loop on Ground (LoG): A Compact Receiving Antenna with Directional Capabilities
The Loop on Ground (LoG): A compact receiving antenna with a cardioid-shaped radiation pattern, achieving directionality through clever grounding and monopole design.
Precision Simulations with AN-SOF for Magnetic Loop Antennas
Explore magnetic loop antennas, favored in ham radio. Learn about their dual loop design, coupling via induction, and AN-SOF Simulator for accurate simulations.
Advantages of AN-SOF for Simulating 433 MHz Spring Helical Antennas for ISM & LoRa Applications
Struggling with complex helical antenna designs for LoRa & ISM? AN-SOF overcomes limitations of traditional methods, enabling accurate simulations of 433 MHz spring helical antennas.
Radio Mast Above Wire Screen
Radiating towers or radio masts can be modeled in AN-SOF with a high degree of detail. This example shows a quarter-wave monopole antenna connected to a radial wire ground screen on a real ground plane.
Square Loop Antenna
The total length of the loop is about 0.4 wavelengths, so the current distribution shows a semi-cycle of a sine function.
Receiving Loop Antenna
Frequency sweep simulation of a receiving circular loop antenna. The loop is modeled using conformal segments, which exactly follow the contour of the antenna geometry.
Monopole Above Earth Ground
The monopole is used for AM (Amplitude Modulation) radio transmissions. The far-field radiation pattern in the Fraunhofer zone is distorted due to the finite conductivity of the soil.
Top-Loaded Short Monopole
The antenna is composed of four vertical monopoles over ground. Each monopole is fed at its base by a voltage source of the same amplitude and phase as the others.
Half-Wave Dipole
Center-fed half-wave dipole antenna at 300 MHz. The wavelength is close to 1 meter, so the dipole length equals 0.5 meters. 
Folded Dipole
Simulation of a folded dipole using curved wires at the dipole ends. The curved part is modeled exactly using conformal segments.
Dipole Antenna
Frequency sweep simulation of a cylindrical dipole antenna. The results show how the current distribution along the wire approaches a sine function.
The 5-in-1 J-Pole Antenna Solution for Multiband Communications
Experience versatile communication with this 5-in-1 J-Pole Antenna – your go-to solution for multiband excellence.
Explore models and designs of travelling wave antennas, such as helices and Yagis.
Efficient NOAA Satellite Signal Reception with the Quadrifilar Helix Antenna
Discover the Quadrifilar Helix Antenna's prowess in boosting NOAA satellite signal reception. Unveil its efficiency for superior connectivity and data capture.
Inverted V Antenna
Inverted V antenna over real ground. The operating frequency is 7.2 MHz which corresponds to a wavelength of almost 40 meters.
Directional V Antenna
The horizontal arms of the V-antenna are 3 wavelengths long, so six semi-cycles of a sine function can be seen as a current distribution along the arms.
Helical Antenna with Grid Reflector
Frequency sweep simulation of a directional helix antenna backed by a ground plane of finite size. The ground plane is modeled using a circular grid of thin wires.
Helical Antenna with PEC Reflector
Directional helix antenna backed by a perfect ground plane. A directional radiation pattern is obtained pointing towards the helix axis.
7-Element Yagi-Uda
Simulation of a Yagi antenna that consists of seven linear wires. A directional radiation pattern is obtained as can be expected.
5-Element Yagi-Uda
Simulation of a Yagi antenna that consists of five linear wires. The driven element is a folded dipole which does not change the radiation pattern shape, but it changes the input impedance for an easier impedance matching.
3-Element Yagi-Uda
Simulation of a Yagi antenna that consists of three linear wires. A directional radiation pattern is obtained as can be expected.
Explore models of various antenna arrays in these articles.
Extended Double Zepp (EDZ): A Phased Array Solution for Directional Antenna Applications
The Extended Double Zepp (EDZ) antenna offers higher gain than a half-wave dipole, but matching to 50-Ohm coax is difficult. This article explores a phased array design using two EDZs for directional radio transmission, achieving good gain and easier impedance matching.
Transmission Line Feeding for Antennas: The Four-Square Array
Explore the Four-Square Array antenna where implicit models of transmission lines are used in the feeding system of this phased array.
Log-Periodic Christmas Tree
At Golden Engineering we are passionate about antenna simulation. On this last day of the year we want to give you our Log-Periodic Christmas Tree made with AN-SOF.
Enhancing VHF Performance: The Dual Reflector Moxon Antenna for 145 MHz
Discover the Dual Reflector Moxon Antenna at 145 MHz: Amplified Gain and Enhanced Performance for VHF Enthusiasts.
Building a Compact High-Performance UHF Array with AN-SOF: A 4-Element Biquad Design
Need a compact directional antenna for your UHF needs? This 4-element Biquad antenna, designed with AN-SOF, packs a powerful punch in a relatively small space. Perfect for UHF applications where space is at a premium!
Building a Beam: Modeling a 5-Element 2m Band Quad Array
Want a directional antenna for the 2m band? This article explores modeling a 5-element quad array in AN-SOF, achieving good gain and front-to-back ratio.
Broadside Dipole Array
Broadside antenna array composed of four parallel half-wave dipoles.
Log-Periodic Dipole Array
Frequency sweep simulation of a log-periodic array of linear elements.
Broadband Directional Antenna
This is a 4 element broadband directional antenna. More than 50 MHz of bandwidth (SWR < 1.5) around 285 MHz. Gain 7 to 8 dBi. Length 0.52 m and maximum width 0.6 m.
A Closer Look at the HF Skeleton Slot Antenna
Explore the intricacies of the HF Skeleton Slot Antenna - a bi-directional marvel offering versatile HF communication.
The 17m Band 2-Element Delta Loop Beam: A Compact, High-Gain Antenna for DX Enthusiasts
Conquer the 17-meter band with the 2-element Delta Loop Beam antenna. This compact, high-gain design boasts near-perfect impedance matching, making it perfect for DX enthusiasts. Download the AN-SOF model and unlock its potential!
Enhancing Satellite Links: The Moxon-Yagi Dual Band VHF/UHF Antenna
Elevate your satellite connections with the Moxon-Yagi Dual Band VHF/UHF Antenna. This innovative design optimizes signal reception for seamless communication.
Discover models of aperture and reflector antennas in these articles.
Dish Antenna
The reflector is modeled by a grid of curved segments. The hole sizes are small compared to the wavelength near the center of the parabola, buy they approach half-wavelength away from the center.
Parabolic Grid Antenna
Directional antenna consisting of a parabolic grid reflector and a Yagi-like array at the location of the parabola's focus.
Horn Antenna
Simulation of a horn antenna fed by a rectangular waveguide.
Explore models of fractal antennas, showcasing their unique designs and properties.
AN-SOF in Action: Modeling and Understanding the Performance of Fractal Antennas
Dive into the fascinating world of fractal antennas! This article explores their revolutionary design principles using AN-SOF simulation software. Discover how self-similar patterns unlock wider bandwidths, smaller sizes, and superior efficiency compared to traditional antennas.
MI2 Fractal Loop
This MI2 Fractal Loop antenna was designed by Dr. Nathan Cohen. Results were reported in Cohen, N. L., and Hohlfeld, R. G., "Fractal Loops and the Small Loop Approximation", Communications Quarterly, 6, 77-81, (1996).
Random Loop
This random loop antenna was designed by VE9SRB in an attempt to demonstrate that a MI2 Fractal Loop-like performance can be obtained with an arbitrarily shaped geometry.
Discover models of microstrip antennas, patch antennas, and PCB designs for various applications.
Accurate Analysis of Solid Wheel Antennas at 2.4 GHz Using Cost-Effective Simulation
Revolutionize antenna modeling with our simplified method. Accurately simulate 2.4 GHz wheel antennas for optimal performance.
Capacitively-Fed Patch
Microstrip patch antennas with capacitive feeding have been key in the development of the cell phone industry. This way of feeding compact antennas, for instance PIFAs, has made it possible to cancel out the probe reactance and simplify the matching network.
Patch Antenna
Microstrip patch antenna over a dielectric substrate and backed by a perfect ground plane.
Microstrip Dipole
Microstrip patch dipole antenna over a dielectric substrate and backed by a perfect ground plane.
Microstrip Antenna Array
Microstrip array of four rectangular patches over a dielectric substrate and backed by a perfect ground plane.
Dive into models featuring antennas interacting with complex structures or mounted on them.
Antennas on a Ship
This simulation shows a wire grid model of a ship sailing in the ocean and having two dipole antennas at its top.
RCS of Aircraft
Simulation of a plane wave reaching the path of an airplane.
Car Roof Antenna
Simulation of a car above ground having a dipole antenna on its roof.
Exploring the Spiral Loop Antenna: A Compact Solution for 80m DXing
Discover the spiral loop antenna, a compact alternative for 80 meters band DXing. Explore its challenges and benefits, and learn how AN-SOF enables accurate modeling of its intricate wire geometry for optimal performance.
Explore programming scripts designed to interface with AN-SOF, enabling users to run parametric simulations.
Element Spacing Simulation Script for Yagi-Uda Antennas
This guide explains how to run a script in Scilab to simulate a 3-element Yagi-Uda antenna and get the results as a function of the spacing between the elements. A second script allows us to plot the antenna gain versus element spacing.
Automating 2-Element Quad Array Design: Scripting and Bulk Processing in AN-SOF
Struggling to design optimal 2-element quad arrays? This article explores automating the process using Scilab scripts and AN-SOF's bulk processing. Generate & simulate multiple configurations with varying element spacing, saving time and uncovering potential performance improvements!