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Examples of antenna models and wire structures in general.

Cylindrical Antenna

A center-fed cylindrical antenna is the simplest example that we can simulate. It consists of a straight wire with a source at its center and becomes a half-wave dipole when the frequency is such that the length of the antenna is half the wavelength.
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Monopole Over Real Ground

A monopole is a vertical element connected to a ground plane and with the feed point at its base. In this example we will simulate a radio mast on an imperfect ground, which is used for broadcasting in the LF and MF bands.
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Helix Antenna in Axial Mode

The helix is a good example where we need curved segments to describe the geometry of the antenna. When the length of the helix is of the order of or greater than the wavelength, it can work in the so-called "axial mode".
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Loop Antenna

A good example where we need curved segments to model an antenna is the circular loop case. When the loop is small compared to the wavelength, the radiation resistance is proportional to the square of the loop area.
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A Transmission Line

Two-wire transmission lines can be modeled explicitly in AN-SOF. In this example, the line will have a single wire but there will be a ground plane below it, so we have the mirror image of the wire as the return of the line.
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An RLC Circuit

The ability of AN-SOF to simulate at extremely low frequencies can be demonstrated with a model of an RLC circuit that will resonate at only 800 Hz, so the wavelength is 375 km!
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