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New Release: AN-SOF 7.90

This version of AN-SOF has new functions and options:

  • ARRL-style scale in polar plots. Radiation pattern slices in decibels can be displayed on the classic ARRL log scale. This facilitates the comparison between the results obtained from AN-SOF and data published in magazines and in the antenna literature.
  • Front-to-Rear (worst-case) and Front-to-Back (180-degree) ratios are indicated on polar plots.
  • Export radiation patterns in MSI Planet format. See how here >.
  • Improved Preferences window in the AN-XY Chart app, where we can set scales, units, line thickness, points, marks, and grids on rectangular charts.
  • Visualization of the wire segments in the workspace. Check the “Show Segments” option in the Preferences window to see the segments.

Tip: double click on table items to instantly display plots.


Enjoy AN-SOF!

Model antennas with AN-SOF 7.90.
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