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Category - Array Antennas

Explore models of various antenna arrays in these articles.


Extended Double Zepp (EDZ): A Phased Array Solution for Directional Antenna Applications
The Extended Double Zepp (EDZ) antenna offers higher gain than a half-wave dipole, but matching to 50-Ohm coax is difficult. This article explores a phased array design using two EDZs for directional radio transmission, achieving good gain and easier impedance matching.
Transmission Line Feeding for Antennas: The Four-Square Array
Explore the Four-Square Array antenna where implicit models of transmission lines are used in the feeding system of this phased array.
Log-Periodic Christmas Tree
At Golden Engineering we are passionate about antenna simulation. On this last day of the year we want to give you our Log-Periodic Christmas Tree made with AN-SOF.
Enhancing VHF Performance: The Dual Reflector Moxon Antenna for 145 MHz
Discover the Dual Reflector Moxon Antenna at 145 MHz: Amplified Gain and Enhanced Performance for VHF Enthusiasts.
Building a Compact High-Performance UHF Array with AN-SOF: A 4-Element Biquad Design
Need a compact directional antenna for your UHF needs? This 4-element Biquad antenna, designed with AN-SOF, packs a powerful punch in a relatively small space. Perfect for UHF applications where space is at a premium!
Building a Beam: Modeling a 5-Element 2m Band Quad Array
Want a directional antenna for the 2m band? This article explores modeling a 5-element quad array in AN-SOF, achieving good gain and front-to-back ratio.
Broadside Dipole Array
Broadside antenna array composed of four parallel half-wave dipoles.
Log-Periodic Dipole Array
Frequency sweep simulation of a log-periodic array of linear elements.
Broadband Directional Antenna
This is a 4 element broadband directional antenna. More than 50 MHz of bandwidth (SWR < 1.5) around 285 MHz. Gain 7 to 8 dBi. Length 0.52 m and maximum width 0.6 m.
A Closer Look at the HF Skeleton Slot Antenna
Explore the intricacies of the HF Skeleton Slot Antenna - a bi-directional marvel offering versatile HF communication.
The 17m Band 2-Element Delta Loop Beam: A Compact, High-Gain Antenna for DX Enthusiasts
Conquer the 17-meter band with the 2-element Delta Loop Beam antenna. This compact, high-gain design boasts near-perfect impedance matching, making it perfect for DX enthusiasts. Download the AN-SOF model and unlock its potential!
Enhancing Satellite Links: The Moxon-Yagi Dual Band VHF/UHF Antenna
Elevate your satellite connections with the Moxon-Yagi Dual Band VHF/UHF Antenna. This innovative design optimizes signal reception for seamless communication.
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