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Extended Double Zepp (EDZ): A Phased Array Solution for Directional Antenna Applications
The Extended Double Zepp (EDZ) antenna offers higher gain than a half-wave dipole, but matching to 50-Ohm coax is difficult. This article explores a phased array design using two EDZs for directional radio transmission, achieving good gain and easier impedance matching.
Transmission Line Feeding for Antennas: The Four-Square Array
Explore the Four-Square Array antenna where implicit models of transmission lines are used in the feeding system of this phased array.
Log-Periodic Christmas Tree
At Golden Engineering we are passionate about antenna simulation. On this last day of the year we want to give you our Log-Periodic Christmas Tree made with AN-SOF.
Enhancing VHF Performance: The Dual Reflector Moxon Antenna for 145 MHz
Discover the Dual Reflector Moxon Antenna at 145 MHz: Amplified Gain and Enhanced Performance for VHF Enthusiasts.
Biquad UHF Antenna Array
This relatively compact 4-element biquad array resonates at 434 MHz.
145 MHz 5-Element Array of Square Loops
Model of a 145 MHz 5-Element Array of Quads or Square Loops.
Broadside Dipole Array
Broadside antenna array composed of four parallel half-wave dipoles.
Log-Periodic Dipole Array
Frequency sweep simulation of a log-periodic array of linear elements.
Broadband Directional Antenna
This is a 4 element broadband directional antenna. More than 50 MHz of bandwidth (SWR < 1.5) around 285 MHz. Gain 7 to 8 dBi. Length 0.52 m and maximum width 0.6 m.
A Closer Look at the HF Skeleton Slot Antenna
Explore the intricacies of the HF Skeleton Slot Antenna - a bi-directional marvel offering versatile HF communication.
The 17m Band 2-Element Delta Loop Beam: A Compact, High-Gain Antenna for DX Enthusiasts
Conquer the 17-meter band with the 2-element Delta Loop Beam antenna. This compact, high-gain design boasts near-perfect impedance matching, making it perfect for DX enthusiasts. Download the AN-SOF model and unlock its potential!
Enhancing Satellite Links: The Moxon-Yagi Dual Band VHF/UHF Antenna
Elevate your satellite connections with the Moxon-Yagi Dual Band VHF/UHF Antenna. This innovative design optimizes signal reception for seamless communication.
Array of Snowflake Quads
Nathan Cohen in the US fractalized the quad loop based on the Minkowski square and invented an array of two elements. The biggest advantage of fractal antennas is that we get a wide bandwidth with a small size. This simulation shows that we can almost double the bandwidth with a 3-element array.
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