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Category - Fractal Antennas

Explore models of fractal antennas, showcasing their unique designs and properties.


MI2 Fractal Loop
This MI2 Fractal Loop antenna was designed by Dr. Nathan Cohen. Results were reported in Cohen, N. L., and Hohlfeld, R. G., "Fractal Loops and the Small Loop Approximation", Communications Quarterly, 6, 77-81, (1996).
Random Loop
This random loop antenna was designed by VE9SRB in an attempt to demonstrate that a MI2 Fractal Loop-like performance can be obtained with an arbitrarily shaped geometry.
AN-SOF in Action: Modeling and Understanding the Performance of Fractal Antennas
Dive into the fascinating world of fractal antennas! This article explores their revolutionary design principles using AN-SOF simulation software. Discover how self-similar patterns unlock wider bandwidths, smaller sizes, and superior efficiency compared to traditional antennas.