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MI2 Fractal Loop

This MI2 Fractal Loop antenna was designed by Dr. Nathan Cohen. Results were reported in Cohen, N. L., and Hohlfeld, R. G., "Fractal Loops and the Small Loop Approximation", Communications Quarterly, 6, 77-81, (1996).
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Random Loop

This random loop antenna was designed by VE9SRB in an attempt to demonstrate that a MI2 Fractal Loop-like performance can be obtained with an arbitrarily shaped geometry.
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Modeling an Array of Snowflake Quads with AN-SOF.

Array of Snowflake Quads

Nathan Cohen in the US fractalized the quad loop based on the Minkowski square and invented an array of two elements. The biggest advantage of fractal antennas is that we get a wide bandwidth with a small size. This simulation shows that we can almost double the bandwidth with a 3-element array.
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