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Category - Wire Antennas

Discover various wire antenna designs, including dipoles, monopoles, loops, and short antennas.


Modeling a J-Fed 5-Element Collinear Antenna for the 2 m Band
If you're looking for a high-performing omnidirectional antenna, consider this design. It boasts 5 collinear radiant elements that are connected by phasing coils.
Simulating the Ingenious Multiband Omnidirectional Dipole Antenna Design
Delve into the virtual realm of an ingenious multiband omnidirectional dipole antenna. Explore its design intricacies through simulation.
The Loop on Ground (LoG): A Compact Receiving Antenna with Directional Capabilities
The Loop on Ground (LoG): A compact receiving antenna with a cardioid-shaped radiation pattern, achieving directionality through clever grounding and monopole design.
Precision Simulations with AN-SOF for Magnetic Loop Antennas
Explore magnetic loop antennas, favored in ham radio. Learn about their dual loop design, coupling via induction, and AN-SOF Simulator for accurate simulations.
Advantages of AN-SOF for Simulating 433 MHz Spring Helical Antennas for ISM & LoRa Applications
Struggling with complex helical antenna designs for LoRa & ISM? AN-SOF overcomes limitations of traditional methods, enabling accurate simulations of 433 MHz spring helical antennas.
Radio Mast Above Wire Screen
Radiating towers or radio masts can be modeled in AN-SOF with a high degree of detail. This example shows a quarter-wave monopole antenna connected to a radial wire ground screen on a real ground plane.
Square Loop Antenna
The total length of the loop is about 0.4 wavelengths, so the current distribution shows a semi-cycle of a sine function.
Receiving Loop Antenna
Frequency sweep simulation of a receiving circular loop antenna. The loop is modeled using conformal segments, which exactly follow the contour of the antenna geometry.
Monopole Above Earth Ground
The monopole is used for AM (Amplitude Modulation) radio transmissions. The far-field radiation pattern in the Fraunhofer zone is distorted due to the finite conductivity of the soil.
Top-Loaded Short Monopole
The antenna is composed of four vertical monopoles over ground. Each monopole is fed at its base by a voltage source of the same amplitude and phase as the others.
Half-Wave Dipole
Center-fed half-wave dipole antenna at 300 MHz. The wavelength is close to 1 meter, so the dipole length equals 0.5 meters. 
Folded Dipole
Simulation of a folded dipole using curved wires at the dipole ends. The curved part is modeled exactly using conformal segments.
Dipole Antenna
Frequency sweep simulation of a cylindrical dipole antenna. The results show how the current distribution along the wire approaches a sine function.
The 5-in-1 J-Pole Antenna Solution for Multiband Communications
Experience versatile communication with this 5-in-1 J-Pole Antenna – your go-to solution for multiband excellence.
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