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Category - Input Impedances

These articles explain how to plot input impedances, reflection coefficients (S11), and VSWR vs. frequency. They also cover displaying Smith charts and configuring the Tuner calculator for impedance matching.


Listing the Input Impedances, VSWR, and S11
The following procedure allows us to select a segment that has a source to tabulate input impedance versus frequency...
Tuner for Impedance Matching
The Tuner Calculator AN-SOF features a tuner calculator that enables impedance matching of an antenna input impedance, an antenna with a feeder already connected to its terminals, or a given custom load. To access the tuner calculator, choose the Tuner tab in the AN-SOF main window (Fig. 1). Here, you can set the tuner parameters […]
Displaying Smith Charts
The input impedance as a function of frequency can be plotted in a Smith chart by clicking the Smith button in the Input List dialog box...