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Provides the latest new features and improvements incorporated in AN-SOF.


AN-SOF 9: Taking Antenna Design Further with New Feeder and Tuner Calculators
Discover the advanced features of AN-SOF 9, the latest version that takes antenna design to the next level with groundbreaking Feeder and Tuner Calculators.
AN-SOF Antenna Simulation Software - Version 8.90 Release Notes
Exciting update! AN-SOF 8.90 is here with features like "Segments per Wavelength," enhanced wire scaling, TL command import/export, and faster current distribution algorithms. Elevate your antenna simulations!
AN-SOF 8.70: Enhancing Your Antenna Design Journey
Experience antenna design at its best with AN-SOF 8.70, your comprehensive tool for simulation mastery.
Introducing AN-SOF 8.50: Enhanced Antenna Design & Simulation Software
Embrace the antenna revolution with AN-SOF 8.50! Unleash its advanced features: Transmission Line models, expanded power budget, and precise far-field calculation. Free trial available!
Get Ready for the Next Level of Antenna Design: AN-SOF 8.50 is Coming Soon!
Get ready for the future of antenna design. AN-SOF 8.50 brings enhanced features like Transmission Line models, extended power budget, and improved far-field calculation. Stay tuned for the release!
Explore the Cutting-Edge World of AN-SOF Antenna Simulation Software!
This quick overview document provides a concise introduction to the capabilities of AN-SOF, designed to revolutionize the way you approach antenna design.
Upgrade to AN-SOF 8.20 - Unleash Your Potential
AN-SOF has released its latest version, 8.20, which brings significant enhancements to improve the software's accessibility and performance.
AN-SOF 8: Elevating Antenna Simulation to the Next Level
New Plots tab where we can quickly see the input impedance, VSWR, gain, Front-to-Rear, and Front-to-Back ratios as a function of frequency, with various visualization controls (grids, points, markers, etc.).
New Release: AN-SOF 7.90
This version of AN-SOF has new functions and options: ARRL-style scale in polar plots. Radiation pattern slices in decibels can be displayed...
AN-SOF 7.80 is ready!
New version of Antenna Simulation Software: AN-SOF 7.8.
New AN-SOF User Guide
Explore the new AN-SOF User Guide >, where you will find detailed information about its many features, as well as step-by-step examples and tips to help you quickly move forward with your antenna modeling projects.
New Release: AN-SOF 7.50
New version of Antenna Simulation Software: AN-SOF 7.50.
AN-SOF 7.20 is ready!
See how the radiation pattern changes with frequency in AN-3D Pattern. The near field heatmap and current distribution can also be viewed dynamically by changing the operating frequency.
New Release :: AN-SOF 7.10 ::
AN-SOF 7.10 is now available for download! Access the input impedance and VSWR easily by going to the Main menu > Results. This avoids selecting the segment where the source is located to access the input impedance.
AN-SOF 7.0 is Here!
AN-SOF 7.0 is Here! Run bulk simulations and process multiple input files with just one click. We have chosen the NEC format for the input files as it is a standard adopted by many users. Forget about running the simulations one by one, run them all at once.
New Release :: AN-SOF 6.40 ::
New Release :: AN-SOF 6.40 :: Tabular input of linear wires as well as sources and loads. List of recently open projects in the File menu. Zoom in and out by rotating the mouse wheel.
New Release :: AN-SOF 6.20 ::
New Release :: AN-SOF 6.20 :: Radiation patterns plotted in AN-Polar can now be exported as *.ant files. The *.ant format can then be imported into the Radio Mobile propagation software. Exportation of linear wires in DXF format has been added.
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