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Computer models of a car, a parabolic reflector, a plane, and a ship using wire grids.

Quick Start Guide

An antenna model is a representation of a real-world antenna in a computer program. This kind of model should not be confused with a scale model that sometimes is built to measure the radiation characteristics of an identical antenna with a larger physical size...
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Antennas modeled by means of wires and wire grids.

AN-SOF Overview

AN-SOF is a comprehensive software tool for the modeling and simulation of antenna systems and radiating structures in general. AN-SOF is intended for solving problems in the following areas...
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AN-SOF Interface

When AN-SOF is started, the initial screen contains the following components: The title bar contains the name of the currently active project (.emm file)...
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Preferences include the unit system to be used for showing input and output data, the workspace appearance, and several miscellaneous options. Preferences can be accessed via...
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Tools in the Workspace

The background of the workspace can be white or black. When a white (black) background is chosen, all wires will default to black (white) unless a different color is specified for certain wires. The workspace color can be set by going to...
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Shortcut Keys

Pressing ALT with the underlined letter of a menu item will execute the command associated with the item. The following keys and associated actions are available...
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File Formats

When a project is saved in AN-SOF, multiple files that have the same name as the project are saved. Each file has a unique extension that...
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Conformal Moment Method

In the traditional Method of Moments (MoM) the structures to be modeled are divided into straight wire segments. Straight segments fit well the shape of linear antennas like dipoles and arrays constructed using dipoles. However, there are many antennas...
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