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Category - Transmission Lines

These articles provide detailed explanations on adding, editing, and customizing transmission lines and coaxial cables within your AN-SOF model.


Adding Transmission Lines
AN-SOF allows for the addition of lossy or lossless transmission lines and has a list of preloaded lines with parameters adjusted to the attenuation curves published in the data sheets of real cables. This list of cables includes both two-wire and coaxial transmission lines.
Custom Transmission Lines
If you want to add “custom” transmission lines with your own parameters, you have types 0, 1, and 2 available, Fig. 1, which are explained below. Type 0: Custom Lossless Line This is an ideal transmission line with zero losses, so only the nominal Z0 and velocity factor must be specified. Type 1: Custom line […]
Connecting Transmission Lines
Any transmission lines added through the Transmission Lines command (Ctrl + L) under the Draw menu will remain in the table until the user decides to remove or modify them. During calculations, only transmission lines with both ports connected to respective wire segments will be considered for simulation. Any lines with a single port connected […]
Open and Short-Circuited Lines
Due to the model used in the calculation engine, the transmission lines that are considered to exist in the simulation are those that have both ports connected to wire segments. Therefore, if you want to have an open-circuited line connected to a certain segment, the opposite port must also be connected to another wire segment. […]
Editing Transmission Lines
The Transmission Lines table has a pop-up menu with keyboard shortcuts, Fig. 1. To access this menu for editing cells and rows, right-click on the table. The available commands are:
Modeling Coaxial Cables
Coaxial transmission lines can be modeled implicitly as explained in the previous articles. To define a coaxial cable, one needs to know its characteristic impedance (Z0), velocity factor (VF), length, parameters that model losses (K0, K1, K2, etc.), and the shunt admittances at each end (Y1 and Y2). Furthermore, each end or port of the […]
Adding a Custom Lossy Line
AN-SOF provides parameters for modeling the losses of more than 160 types of transmission lines. These parameters have been obtained by adjusting the loss model to the attenuation curves published by manufacturers. In case a particular type of cable is not listed or if the manufacturer has updated the parameters, a custom transmission line can […]