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Category - Numerical Methods

Delve into articles covering numerical methods, both general and those specifically used in AN-SOF.


Navigating the Numerical Landscape: Choosing the Right Antenna Simulation Method
Here we provide an overview of various numerical methods used in Computational Electromagnetics (CEM), with a special focus on antenna simulation methods: FDTD, FEM, MoM, CMoM, FMM, MLFMM, FVTD, GO, GTD, UTD, PO, PTD, DDM.
AN-SOF Implements James R. Wait Theory for Ground Losses of LF/MF Radio Masts
AN-SOF introduces an innovative method based on James R. Wait theory to accurately compute ground losses, improving monopole antenna design. Explore the validated model for LF/MF radio masts.
Overcoming 7 Limitations in Antenna Design: Introducing AN-SOF's Conformal Method of Moments
Introducing AN-SOF's Conformal Method of Moments, a pioneering advancement in antenna design. By effectively addressing seven limitations encountered in traditional methods, this cutting-edge software enables precise modeling and analysis of antennas with intricate geometries.